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OPEN CLOSE” eve 2010
Forces of the soul invite you to identify and to accept Identification with the
International Mental Health Day

Unplugged - World Mental Health Day 2010

Monday, October 11
Mayumana House, Ancient Yafo

After the success of our first evening initiated on 2009 world mental health day we fill stronger to go up on stage again and produce by ourselves the second Open Close eve On October 11 this year.
Your support was part of our success and at this time, major mental health organizations are joining us by there bless.
We will appreciate your mentioning our evening that is completely organized by us: a group of people that cope with mental illness.
It is very important to us to have your blessing, your support for our efforts in producing this evening by ourselves for us in a way we wish to be exposed to society: the stigmatized view says person with mental disability “cannot do anything, always complain and need support”
This is not true. We can do it and we did! And we will do it the second time this year.
This is an optimistic evening. We do not want to complain nor to blame anyone. We like to show our abilities and our strengths. Moreover, our goal is to be accepted for what we are: people, like anyone else healthy or sick.
By saying us, I mean my brothers in arms fighting prejudice with culture and not by provocation, as those who are ignorant of us usually perceive us.
In this evening we invite anyone that wants to listen to our daily lives.
We do not suffer, we have hobbies, and we have horizons and goals for our souls and careers.
In this evening The “Lunatic” The “Insane” equals culture and civilized
It’s our evening but we do not claim the incomes for our self but for the education of youth that suffer from mental illnesses. Our main concern is their education and integration in their normal friend’s community.
This year we dedicate the incomes to our young allies brothers establishing new education rehabilitation project for young suffer from mental illness. The project will give those young both education, profession and at the end of their truck they will be integrated in jobs that fits their qualifications.
We address two annunciations: Integration in rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses with other injuries. And maybe the most important is an actual rehabilitation that ends with actual recovery i.e. she/he is ready for normal life and work within normal people.
We welcome you to be our allies, yearning to move one more stumbling stone in a winding road paved with preconceived notions and stereotypes.
Our Initiative, people with mental illness and our families that experience an open close world and like to give you some of our world:
To Tell, To listen, To Share
Artists, Poems, Public figure and our Allies:
The National Forum of Families of People with Mental Illness
The National disabled campaign headquarters
All revenues will be directed towards
Establishing a new rehabilitation project
Creating a professional future for youth with mental illnesses
“.. And the one who sits aside for no one to see him loves
He is so anxious to dance
Find himself have doubts on dream or true
Scares to step he might stumbled... ”
The International Mental Health Day will take place on Oct. 10, 2010, the date set by the World mental health federation. The purpose of this special day is to focus on the subject of mental health throughout the world.
We, the people dealing with psychiatric disabilities in Israel, are gathering to identify with this special day in a unique fashion on Monday Oct. 11, 2010.
The Whole production was done by us: people with mental illness.
We created an event as we like the society to see us.
We will celebrate the evening in a modest cultural event. Israeli musicians and artists will perform, along with speakers from a variety of backgrounds.
Our guests are invited to hear the heroic stories of those coping with psychiatric disabilities, the personal stories of people who have the courage to disclose their disabilities in public.
The purpose of the evening:
To accept and understand the qualities of people
dealing with psychiatric disabilities,
in an evening that is all culture.
The whole evening is devoted to expressing our appreciation for people dealing with psychiatric disabilities, in the long and difficult path of fighting prejudice and stigma.
We come to provide role models and reinforcement through these personal examples, emphasizing pride for our achievements.
This event is not a parade. It is a modest event, in which each of us is significant.
The main purpose is to connect with the international community of people dealing with psychiatric disabilities in order to win recognition and show the public that we are simply people, like everyone else.
“I wrote a poem for myself, every one can.”
You also planed us a hope,
Identity and the ability to speak, another language,
What is the seed how will it grow, what is the fruit? We will not know
Every one can grow, Everyone can
Taking a picture of me Taking a picture of you
This is your home; This is my home
Maybe your happiness is my happiness too.
“ I am a person dealing with a psychiatric disability
and I am not ashamed.
You, the audience, came to give and to accept us. “

Our Allies 

ארגון מאבק הנכים בישראל


World Wide Bless

World Federation for Mental Health

Disability Rights International

איכות בשיקום


כנפיים - כי באמנות אין מוגבלות

PRA - Mental Health Recovery


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